Maze Games

Twisting your Brain with a Bit of Maze Games

Games have always been split into many spectrums, and one of the most accesible spectrums is puzzlers. From chess, to riddles, to even long puzzle, people have always been attracted to games that tease the brain. So, to fill the gap in video gaming, there have been countless attempts and successes at the genre, one such type is maze games. Of course, if you lurk the youtube world then you must have seen more than a few reaction videos to the infamous Scary Maze game. Beyond just that title, there are tons of other ones that really do try to bring something unique to the table.

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The a-MAZE-ing Labyrinth

If there is one thing that remains constant in mazes, it’s that the board always has a definite path to get to the end. The walls have to remain still, and once you figure it out, the game is done. In this title, you aren’t so lucky because the maze never remains in a fixed position, and you will have to figure it out each time it changes. Sure, there are definite sections that will never change, but everything else is subject to shifts and turns. Your  objective is not to reach the end, however, and instead you are tasked with collecting all four artifacts from the Maze. This is much easier said than done because the shifts will be unpredictable and they will leave no definite path. Of course, if you don’t want to play a board game, there is always…


The Ben 10 Maze

For the kids, new cartoon icons are becoming a much bigger thing. Much like the Teenage mutan ninja turtles or thundercats, kids today turn to stuff like Ben 10 or Avatar. A video game adaptation, albeit a simple one, was the inevitable next step for the series. In this maze, you are tasked with finding the missing Omnitrix components which are integral in making Ben an alien fighting force once again. The game itself really only should appeal to the kids who like the show. It is overly simple and the mazes are quite easy to solve, so if you have a couple of kids that love the series, have them play it.

Double Maze


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1 maze not enough challenge anymore? Well, if you really are that confident in your skills, then maybe you should try two at the same time. Sure to test your dexterity, Double Maze is exactly what it is entitled. You are to guide two stars in two different mazes at the same time, and while there aren’t many restrictions, the game still presents a challenge in peripheral vision. The general challenge of the game is really in moving both stars at the same time, so don’t even think about just moving one while the other remains static.


Beyond these three, there are countless other titles you can check out online. If you find yourself bored of mazes, you can also look up other flash game genres too. Just make sure that the site you play these games on are safe.