Maze Games for Kids

The Many Maze Games for Kids

For kids the subject of gaming can be tricky. While there are countless of different titles for kids to enjoy, there are also a plethora of mature titles that they can’t play.  Of course, like the movies before it, the mature titles are often the most sought out, and they carry a kind of attraaction that makes kids want to play them. So before your kids start badgering you about the Nth brown shootey-killey game he or she sees, remember, there are so many quality flash titles out there tha provide more fun than violence. The first thing that you might want to look into are maze games for kids.

Gaming is not necessarily a pastime that requires your money, and in fact, with the right kinds of titles you will end up spending nothing for playing. This is probably the optimal way to introduce your kid to the world of gaming.


Why Maze Games?

The thing about a maze is that there is a lot of factors that make them unique. Some of them are brain twisters that require quick thought, while others are more methodical and take time to finish. The value of these games is that they have been around to tease the mind for a very long time. They come in board games, and even higher end educational institutions use them to test IQ. For kids, there are a variety that is extremely fun, and use a different kind mechanic to make the game even more worth it. For example: if you remember the very first Super Mario and Donkey Kong game, where they played against each other to get to the top, that is an example of a fun game. At the same time, it’s also an example of a  simple platform maze. You have to upwards, with obstacles in your way, all the while Donkey Kong is throwing some pretty massive barrels at you.

For a smarter example of a maze and mechanics, all you need to check out is probe. The game as a whole centers on the idea that gravity will play big role in how you control the object in question. You touch a wall, you lose the maze and you have to start all over again. At the same time, the countdown clock is always running no matter how many times you fail. The thing here is that control is of the essence so it really develops hand eye coordination.


So if you ever wondered what kind of game is the right one to introduce to your kid, then make sure you check out the many mazes. Once you’re kid is bored of all the mazes, you can then look for the many kind of flash titles available for play. Many of them are absolutely free, so all you really need to do is to research the right titles and let your kid play them. At the same time, remember that moderation is important and that introducing a game means you need to keep watch of how long they play.