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If there is one thing that the interne, and flash games for that matter, share in common it’s that they have a lot of unique ideas wiating to be shared. As with most quality titles that go under the radar, creativity really makes these games different from one another. At the same time, those titles that are unique will also present new ideas for those that feel that other game genres have run stagnant. Brain teasers, on the other hand, have only evolved and become better, and that is quite evident through the many maze games online that are both free to play and easy to find. Of course there are some titles that are more suited to beginners, while others are really for those that need a new brains teaser to play.

Destruction Maze

Click here to play Destruction Maze

This game, while being called a maze game, is exceedingly simply in both premise and puzzle. It is also very fun to play for a few minutes every time you have some to spare. All that is needed to play is the mouse and an internet connection and you’re good to go. Once you start it up, your maind objective is to collect all the symbols on each level and when you do, you’re done. You are graded by your time and speed so making sure you collect them fast is a must. To make teh game a little more challenging, however, you can only collect the symbols with the wrecking ball attached to the cursor. That extra feature also makes you plot out the course through each maze, because a lot of the symbols are hidden behind destructible blocks.



Click Here to play Probe

Gravity games have always been associated with the more indie side of gaming. Ever since the Portal the game had made the mechinic popular, gravity and physics have now become mainstays in mainstream gaming, so it was only right that flash also followed suite in this. Probe is very unique in that it exploits the whole idea of gravity maze path finding. You have to lead the prob with the use of WASD and you have to navigate through the tight corridors of each level. If you touch any wall, you fail the level, and you have to restart back at the platform. As a side note, your probe is also falling to the sway of gravity, so you have to constantly keep it up in the air while helping it glide through the halls. The first level is fairly simple, but as succeeding levels come, you are treated to more challenge. Soon, your reflex will be tested and strained until you think that you’ve had enough of it. One great way to get through each level is to tap instead of hold your movement button so that you don’t overshoot your boundaries.


There you have it, two very unique titles in maze games. Both of these games are free to play and are usually found game hosting websites. If you want to look for more, then there are countless other websites that cater exclusively to mazes, most of which are unique takes on the genre.