Scary Maze Game 5

Playing Scary Maze Game 5 and Freaking Out

Games are a new and fascinating medium where many people have come together to enjoy the many titles that come out each year. Of course, there are varying levels of gaming devotion, and often, the casual is mistaken as an aspect that doesn’t matter. In all truth, people who say this do not know the full value of casual gaming. They can scare, make you laugh, and give you exactly as much fun as any mainstream title could. Casual games can also make you laugh through a funny scare as well. The game that does exactly this is the scary maze game 5.

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The Big Gag behind the Game

If you’ve never watched the reaction videos on youtube, then you proabably don’t understand why it’s called “scary maze”. You see, the game actually has some pretty funny basis for how it works. The maze itself isn’t very hard. It starts out supremely wide, and leading through the maze is just a matter of moving the little dot with your mouse. The farther you go, the smaller the path to get to the end. Close  to the end, the screen jumps into an image of the possessed girl in the excorcist, and whoever is playing is treated to a shrill scream. This, coupled with some very devent ear phones is extremely jarring and will make anyone watching the game jump up in fright.


The best way to get anyone to fall for this at this point is to make sure that they have no idea what the game is. There are tons of reaction videos floating around so it is guaranteed that only a few of your friends will have no knowledge on the game itself. If you found your target, make sure to egg them on to play the game, telling them that their reflexes aren’t enough to finish it. Make sure that the guy has earphones ore headphones on, then raise the volume to a moderate point. Once they get to the point that the maze gets too small, it’ already too late and they will be treated to the same thing countless other people have fallen for. If you really want to take it to another level, make sure that they’re watching the thing with a recording device on. If your video is unique enough, you’ll get a ton of views and you would have made a hit viral video.


There  you have it, a fun prank you can pull with a very casual game. Beyond just that joke, you might be surprised to find more than a few games out there that are worth a look. Even in terms of mazes, a lot of amateur game developers actually do try to find the time to make something unique out of a played out mechanic. Make sure to check out titles like probe, maze runners, and  destruction maze which are all great games to try on their own. Don’t forget the countless genres available for you to play on sites that offer these same maze games.