Scary Maze Games

Fright and brain teasing are two things that are generally not good bed partners. While one is designed to test us in ways that may take a while, the other is there to test your will and mettle. Mix them together, and you get titles like Condemned or Amnesia. Almost leaving you with no time to figure out just what you are supposed to do while being frightened out of your wits. So with this in mind, it was only right that some flash games adapt the formula and make titles that are truly scary, while making your think of the next move. If you’re looking for a simple hook on scary maze games, then you might enjoy some of these titles.

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The Scary Maze Game

If you haven’t hung out on youtube for a decade, then the chances are high that you haven’t seen the many reactions to the infamous scary maze. This game isn’t really designed to make you think while scaring you. Instead, it is more of the jump out and yell boo kind of fear. You see, while you are progressing through the maze eventually, the lady from The Excorcist will jump out on the screen accompanied with a very shrill scream. When this happens, usually the subject who is playing will jump out and yell in fear. For the best effect when pulling a prank, just make sure to hook up your headphones and make them really listen to the game. When the deed is done, laughs will ensue and if you were recording the ordeal, yet another reaction video is ready to be posted online.


Maze Runner Missions

This title isn’t really aimed at those looking for a truly frightening experience and instead, it concentrates on the tension of danger while mapping out a maze. Your primary objective is to map out the glade each day, and you will not be allowed to return until you have mapped out at least 90% of the map. On top of that, if you let it reach sunset, you are also locked out of the sanctuary, which auto fails the mission. Oh, there are also a ton of creatures bent on destroying everyone mapping the glade, so you also have them to deal with. In tandem, these elements make the game a bit unique, being reminiscent of Pac Man and other similar titles. The only true difference is that you can’t destroy those that chase and you are subject to a new threat with each day that passes. It’s frantic fun wrapped in an otherwise deceiving package.


After that, the scary mazes are too few and far in between, so if you want to play something scary you’ll have to look around for a while to find the titles. Beyond just mazes, there are also tons of other games you might want to check out, all that is needed from you is the effort to search for the titles you want to try. As a side note, make sure that you steel your nerves if you do manage to find the infamous scary maze game, as it will probably make you yell out like you were bein hurt in some way.